A must for industrial Kitchens, Canteens, Hotels & Operation theatres, Breweries & Daries farm Houses, Poultry, Sweets Shops, Bakeries where flying insects are a menace.

The machine utilises the tendency of the Files flying towards the Black light similar to the moth and Candle. The Instrument uses U.V. Tubes which emits Black light at a harmless frequency of 400 NM. the flies tend to fly towards this are electrocuted when they cross the or sit on the grid wires.

The dead flies are collected in a tray which can be cleaned periodically. Our units are clean and leaves no mess, no fumes. Flies do not develop any immunity the operating voltage is 230 V A/C 50 HZ. Our Units are powder coated and are very beautiful and add prestige to your Organization. We have a wide range of Models to suit every requirements of yours. We have also the Expertise to design the total system of fly control.

  • Safety Meshes (Guards) at Front & Back.
  • Insect collecting Tray for easy Cleaning / Emptying.
  • Spring-Loaded Holder set for easy installation of lamps. Three wire Chord with plug.
  • Combination Units(Ceiling/wall).
  • Transformer Shunt & Moisture protected.
  • Powder coated for Look & Long life.


The Terminator insectocutor is guaranteed for a period of one year against Manufacturing defects. Tubes are exclude from this guarantee. The life of these tubes is approximately 3500 lighting hours. The tubes should be replaced annually as its Effectiveness comes down.



Models Industrial Standard Medium Micro
Outer Size 25"W x 24"H 25"W x 18"H 25"w x 14"H 19"w x 14"H
Tube Size 24" 24" 24" 18"
Tube Watts 20W 20W 20W 15W
Tube Make Philips Philips Philips Philips
Transformer 2.8 KV 2.8 KV 2.8 KV 2.5 KV